Office Cleaning in Minneapolis

Aside from your home, your office space may be the place where you spend the most time. As you know, any space that you spend a lot of time in can get dirty and accumulate general debris and tear from everyday use. In an office space, it can seem that spaces get particularly dirty at a faster rate as compared to your home. This is due to an abundance of different people occupying the same space for long periods of time throughout the day. Although signs like, “Clean up after yourself” seem to help, it simply does not cut it. This is where Minneapolis Commercial Cleaners comes in!
Regular Cleaning Schedule
If you operate a business, or a chain of businesses, the last thing on your mind is cleaning the office space. Instead, you need to be focusing on your bottom-line and ensuring that all of your employees have sufficient salary compensation. On the other hand though, you also want to take care of the employees and the office space because taking care of the space where you conduct business is a testament to how you run your organization. Therefore, hiring a reliable cleaning service team may be in order! We are proud to offer weekly, or bi-weekly cleaning services to meet your needs.
Overnight Cleaning
If you are running a large office space with multiple employees, sometimes having cleaners around during the day does not make sense as it may be distracting, or it may disrupt general workflows and concentration. Also, if you work in a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere, there simply may not be space for extra cleaning bodies in the office. If this is the case, you are going to want to call us here at Minneapolis Commercial Cleaners to coordinate an overnight cleaning service. We are able to regularly come by and clean the office so when you arrive in the morning, everything is spic and span.
Office Deep Cleans
Perhaps you do not need office janitorial services, but instead, you may need a deep clean in your office space about every two to four weeks. If you are looking for office cleaners to get this job done, we are the team you are going to want to call. Minneapolis Commercial Cleaners is a team of specialized and dedicated professionals who understand how to take our work the extra mile. In addition to the basic floor, wall, and surface cleanings, we will take the job a step further and fine-tune the smaller details to make everything look and smell immaculate.
Office Furniture Cleaning
In addition to cleaning the office space itself, we also offer office furniture cleaning. We know that having a clean space is nice, but having clean shelves, chairs, and keyboards is even nicer. We know that emptying out shelves and cleaning the surfaces, then putting everything back in an organized fashion may seem like a tedious task, but if you are in need of this sort of cleaning and organization, we are the team you are going to want to trust. We can promise the work is compatible with your workflows because we will conduct thorough consultations to know your needs beforehand.